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The CMEH Mission

Cambodian Med Student Support

Clinical Student Support

The cost of medical training is out of reach for most.

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Primary Care

Patient Primary Care

Patient care is our most resource intensive activity.

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US Student Training

U.S. Student Training

Students have a unique opportunity to learn skills.

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Cambodian Medical Staff Support

Medical Staff Support

Local health care workers have learned to trust us.

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Plans for 2017

We are excited about partnering with Drs. Bill and Lori Houseman who have started a pediatric clinic in Kratie. We have operated 10 clinics in and around the town of Kratie, Kratie Province Cambodia for the past 7 years. These clinics have focused on adults with diabetes and hypertension. Cheryl and Megan from CMEH Foundation will travel to Kratie in January to work with Bill and Lori and their team to develop a plan integrate adult clinics and education with their work with children. We all agree on the need to expand education of clinic staff so there is a greater impact on patients. We expect to return again in 2017 to host a larger series of clinics

We will continue to sponsor our two students as they pursue their degrees. We know that Bill and Lori are also committed to the education of Cambodian youth. We know there is additional synergy in this area.

Once again, The Gourley Family Foundation is our key sponsor. We are so grateful for their dedication.

2016 Report

Our January 2016 round of 10 clinics in the Kratie area were our highest volume yet- we saw over 1600 patients. We added a new location, Chhlong, with 2 days of working with a primarily Cham population. This was a new experience for us- working in the Muslim community. We continued our training program for the medical staff at Kratie Hospital and were successful in engaging outlying clinic staff in training and education at every location- a major positive change from previous years. It was a great trip-excellent team and very well organized by our Cambodian friends. Check out our 2016 Blog for details and pictures. A big thank-you to all of our sponsors especially The Gourley Family Foundation!


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