Travel to PP

Cheryl and Megan left Denver heading off to Cambodia on Eva Air via Taipei. On the leg to Taipei-Here we go again!   ” Medical emergency, we need a doctor” Last year same time, same flight similar situation. This time it was a 27 year old with syncope, unresponsive and hypotensive.  Megan, our fabulous ED nurse, took charge and got the IV on the first stick.  After 2 bags of fluid and still with a low blood pressure, our patient was awake and feeling better.  No more fluids in the emergency kit so we watched him and he gradually improved and recovered after several hours.  It was most likely a reaction to alcohol as he had a small glass of wine- not uncommon reaction in this population.

Arrived in Phnom Penh and much to our surprise, they had renovated the airport.  Now nice organized lines and no chaos as you get your entry visa, etc. There is even a duty free shop in the area.  I miss the old days with the chaos.

Our 2 longstanding translators, Bunly and Dan, met us at the airport and took us to our favorite places which included the Russian Market, Mekong Quilts and Artesian de Anchor for a bit of shopping.

In the evening,  the we met up with our 4 medical students who were our translators last year.  Navit, Nareach and Tong are all in the hospital now doing their clinical rotations and taking night call.  Rithy has graduated and studying for his boards.  They are all well and happy- so great to see them all and see how well they are doing.

We had a lovely sunset beer on the roof of a restaurant (Phnom Pehn is on the Mekong River) and Megan got her foot massage to end our first wonderful day back in Cambodia.